A Roof in Polzeath

18th October 2017

Nick Paul Williams roof in New Polzeath, Cornwall

For the past 12 months I have been working on a large project in New Polzeath, North Cornwall. Working closely with a select few local tradesman, we were tasked with building two extensions. One small and one large (very large!!) onto a lovely 1930’s built house with beautiful views out to the Atlantic Ocean and the Cornish coast stretching west to the horizon.

Building the timber frame roof in New Polzeath Cornwall by Nick Paul Williams

Having recently finished the smaller of the two (please see my instagram feed for some photos of finished joinery aspects etc) the second larger extension simultaneously grew out of the ground ready to be topped off with a large cut roof. As you can see not a bad place to be working – what a view!

Building the roof in New Polzeath, Nick Paul Williams

Building a roof in Polzeath carpenter Nick Paul Williams

Timber frame and steel construction roof in New Polzeath by Nick Paul Williams

The sky seen through the timber frame roof by Nick Paul Williams

One of the larger roofs I have worked on as it incorporates both timber and steel. Quite unique in design and layout which definitely produced a few head-scratch moments! None more so than the dorma windows which have a somewhat unconventional design. We weren’t too sure on them ourselves (in both practical and aesthetic sense) at first, but a lot of time and consideration had gone into their construction and especially their ability to shed away rain water – and now I quite like them. They will look even better when they are finished clad with Zinc.

Dormer windows in New Polzeath by Carpenter Nick Paul Williams

Dormer windows in New Polzeath by Carpenter Nick Paul Williams

Its been a bit of a battle with the weather but we’ve finished the main structure now…
the spaces between the rafters are tightly packed with insulation board – a necessary evil (I say this because its just not pleasant stuff to work with) when the ceiling is vaulted. We have, however, been blessed with some dry days enabling us to fit it from the outside (much better as the dust isnt forever falling in your eyes and making your skin itch) before felt and battening the roof ready for reclaimed Delabole slates to be fitted. Matching the existing building.

Well insulated roof in New Polzeath by Nick Paul Williams

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