Introducing our new CNC machine

14th March 2018

Brand new CNC machine service available

We have recently bought the Piranha Pro 3 axis CNC machine from Radecal, with a 3 x 2 metre machine bed and 200mm of ‘Z’ axis travel or carving ability.

The CNC machine has the ability to cut a wide range of materials including but not limited to:
• Soft/hard woods
• Wood based panels (Ply, MDF, Valchromat, melamine faced chipboard etc)
• Plastics/acrylic/HPL
• Di-bond
• Foam
• Soft metals (copper, aluminium brass etc)
• Solid surface composites like Corian.

Intricate detailed cutting by CNC machine on the North coast of Cornwall

Cornwall CNC machine cutting service

Intricate cutting of hard and soft materials with my new CNC machine

As well as implementing the machine into my own business I am also running it as a service for others to use. Please keep an eye here for machining updates, I hope to showcase just what this machine is capable of through my blog as we move through 2018 and into the future…

From flat pack furniture to signage, decorative wall panels to stair parts. Its capabilities are limited only by the imagination…

Stay tuned for a dedicated CNC machining and service page here on my website.

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