My last commision of 2017

15th January 2018

The shelving unit lit up

The brief was to design and make a shelving unit for my customer’s front room. They themselves have put a great deal of personal effort into renovations of their home, and this piece was to compliment the new look of the living room as well as providing a focal point, storage and a source of lighting in the evenings.

The main exterior of the box was made in European oak with mitred corners and a groove milled out at the rear to take an L.E.D strip light and diffuser housing.

Raw timber reading for bespoke shelf

Creating the grove for the LED lights in this custom made shelving unit

Adding the LED lights to the shelving unit

The internal shelving was made with a dark grey MFC, lipped with a real oak edging giving a great contrast in color and texture. I drew up a 1:1 scale mock up of the shelving layout to serve as a jig and also to show the customers for production.

Measuring out a scaled version of the shelving unit

Making the shelves

Making the shelving unit

Boxing in the shelves

The finished unit

The whole piece was quite heavy for a free hanging unit so I anchored a threaded bar into the wall to precicely line up with custom metal brackets housed in the corners and middle (top and bottom) of the piece.

Shelving unit in daylight

The shelving unit lit up

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