Round Window Install

6th December 2017


Here are a few photos showing the stages for the installation of a couple of round windows that went into a project I worked on a few of years ago.

Making a circle window in my studio



The windows themselves were on this occasion made by local tradesman Nigel Hicks. I produced ‘circular’ frames in the workshop and used flexi mdf that bent around the frame to create the ‘tunnel’ like reveals. Everything had to line up precicely so the whole circumference of the window frame was in proportion to the reveal.



The exterior proved a challenge due to the shiplap weather board finish. A lot of thought went into the water proofing and with there being no cover strip around the window or fasicas up the gable, every board had to be perfectly scribed to fit neatly and tightly.


The picture doesnt realy do it justice… another thing that would go unoticed by most but I was pretty proud of my efforts!

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